Goethe Institut München and Passau (Munich / Passau, Germany)


The Goethe Institut (Goethe institute) is the national organization of Germany which promotes german language, literature, and culture in foreign countries inside of Germany. (Like the British Council for GB, the Instituto Cervantes for Spain, the Institut francais for France and so on.) This book belonged to the Munich branch of the Goethe Institute and the one in Passau (both in Bavaria), as the stamps suggest.


The stamp above, on the right hand, is the one used by the institute in Munich, apperently in the 1960s. The round form is used quite often in libraries. More of interest is the fragmented stamp on the left hand, use by the institute in Passau. A triangle is a rather uncommon form.


Both stamps use basically only text, in a calm manner, although a little bit cramped. The only non-text figure besides the border is the little star – with six points, not five, which could be interpreted as tendency – on the bottom of this stamp.


Further examination shows that each of the three stamps on this book are crossed out by pencil, although it is apparently not the best pen for this kind paper. Probably the stamps were crossed out in a bigger elimination project. Interestingly, this book belonged to two different branches of the Goethe Institut, one of which – the one in Passau – does not exist anymore.


The stamp “Juli 1963” (July 1963) seems very precise at first, but leaves us only with more questions. What happened on July 1963 with this book? Was it purchased? Was it cataloged? Was it erased? Was it given from Passau to Munich or from Munich to Passau? Or was it integrated into the Berlin library, where it is now? Or is this just a day to return, printed here, because no other borrowing slip was handy?


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