Kantonales Lehrerseminar Solothurn (Solothurn, Switzerland)


The “Kantonales Lehrerseminar Solothurn” (Teacher seminar of the canton of Solothurn, Switzerland) was the predecessor of the university of applied paedogics Solothurn. Situated in the city of Solothurn, this institution was commisened to train the teachers of the canton. When the “Seminar” became the “University” some of the books seem to made the way over into the new library. Not the word “Mediothek”, which was used to find a new term for library.


I like the fact that they apperently left everything as it was and just put the new barcode of the university of applied pedagogy on. As you could see, the borrowing slip is still intact and the book was lent in 1980 and 1983.


A nice detail: The embosser, used on the same book. Whereas the library ink stamp is just the name and short adress of the library, the embosser us a classic round layout, consisting of a very short form of the name of the library. For example the use of “Seminar” implies knowlegde on part of the reader, because this could mean different things like seminar (teaching unit) or the name of the institution.


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