Peter Faber Kolleg (Berlin, Germany)


The Peter Faber Kolleg is a college of the order of the Jesuits, situated in Berlin, near the city border. This book was found on a fleemarket, together with other books from the same institution, dealing eigther with theological questions or rigth wing politics of the cold war era. The stamp itself is rather simple, but effective. It includes the name of the institution, the city and the – at the time – district of the city.


This book includes another stamp of former owner. I don’t know the meaning of the number 77. It could be the year the book was included into the library of the Kolleg. Or the former owner numbered it’s books. (Ironically 77 is sometimes used by german antifascists as a parody of the usage of 88 by german neonazis. Althought not a neofascists institution by any means, the college was most likely part of the right and extreme right wing network in West-Germany in the cold war era.)


The stamp of the former owner gives away the function (padre), the academic title (Dr.), name (Sladeczek) and affiliation with the order of the Jesuits (S.J, == Societas Jesu) as well as the adress (Bamberg, Mittl. Kaulberg 35) in bavaria. if you’ll check this adress you find that it is today the adress of a “Priesterseminar” (educational institution for catholical priests) as well as other catholic institutions.


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