Universitätsbibliothek Berlin, 1937 (Berlin, Germany)


There is a good chance that this stamp was stamped by an actual nazi; like member of the Nazi-party. The book were I found the stamp in itself is from 1937, but printed in London. It deals with library co-operation in Europe at that time. The “Universitäts-Bibliothek Berlin” (university library Berlin) today is the library of the Humboldt University of Berlin. In 1937 it was the university in the capital of the Nazis. Does this change the meaning of the stamp?


The stamp is quite simple. The stamp used after WW II – already covered in this blog – used the same style. As if nothing had changed.


If you look at the date-stamps left in the book somebody borrowed this – english nonetheless – book in 1937 and someone in 1938.


The book had something else to discuss. It contains serveral plates with pictures like this one, printed on better paper an bound into the book. All of those plate are printetd on one side.


The back of every one of those plates looks like this: another ink stamp by the library, only stating the name of the library in abbrevations. This is a security stamp, obviously. Done in the correct manner, everytime at the same place.


This small security stamp can also be found on serveral pages in the book, always an the left page in the right abvoe corner.


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