Biblioteca ladina seminar Scoula chantunala (Chur, Switzerland)


There is a very small, seldom mentioned fourth national language in Switzerland called “Rätoromanisch” or “Rumantsch”, in English “Romansh”. It is only spoken as a living language in the canton of Grisons with – depending on the source – 30.000 to 60.000 people. Book production in this language is been supported by the state of Siwtzerland, there are schools where the language is been spoken. But all in all it’s a small language. This stamp is from the one university of applied peadogy were students can become teachers in Romansh. The institution is situated in Chur and teaches in the three languages of the canton (German, Italian, Romansh), the library of the schools maintains collections in those languages and French. The stamp itself is from a library in a predecessory institution of the university, the old “Lehrerseminar” (teachers seminar). Aesthetically, the stamp does not provide any innovation. It is just the name of the institution in Romansh.


Nevertheless, as the language is seldom spoken, it is an exeption to see a library stamp in this language on a book in the same language.



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