Bündner Frauenschule (Chur, Switzerland)


The Frauenschule (Womans School) of the canton of Grisons in Swizerland was founded in the end of the 19th century. In the beginning it teached woman basically how to become “good housewives” in the modern ages, including economical housekeeping and the like. The canton in those days did not yet had a modern infrastructure or mindset. In fact, cars were seen as such a treat to the people and lifestyle of the canton as well as to the newbuilt cantonal train network, that they were banned between 1900 and 1925. As such, the womans school were an institution of the more progressive parts of the cantonal society as it gave average woman the opportunity to educate themselves and choose other lifes than their ancestors – althought today it seems hopelesly backwards.


The Frauenschule became basically a womans college and in 2002 the institution was integrated into what is now the university of applied pedagogy of the canton. Nevertheless in the library of the university there are still some books with the old Frauenschule. The Stamp, again, is very simple and straigh forward. It just contains the name of the institution, the postcode and cityname. It is worth to note down that every stamp of the library of the Frauenschule taht can be found today used the same blue ink.



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