Bibliothek Landquart und Umgebung (Landquart, Switzerland)


Landquart is a small but growing city (about 8500 inhabitants), situated at the entrance of the Swiss alps. The city is home to some thriving biotech-firms, which results not only in a hingh intake of taxes, but also in a children’s lab (Kinderlabor) at the public library. This library, situated in a new bulding right at the train station, is exeptionally well equiped with space and infrastructre for a public library at such a small place.


The stamp is most basic. It is just the name of the library itself (Bibliothek Landquart und Umgebung: Library Landquart and surroundings), set in a sanserif font, using simple black. No other decor is used.


A look at the stamp used before, when the parish carried another name (Igis / Landquart) and with it the library (Gemeindebibliothek: Local Library), shows the same style, although with a slightly bolder and italic font. Still, the stamp of this library is quite modest.



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