Lehrerbibliothek der Realschule Konstanz (Konstanz, Germany)

These two stamps tell us a long and interesting story.

These two stamps tell us a long and interesting story. The pallid, eclyptic stamp tells us that this book once belonged to the “Höchere Bürgerschule Constanz”. In 1834, this school was founded in the rooms of today’s Heinrich-Suso Gymnasium, offering studies in new languages and mathematics and expanding an already well-established educational offer. In 1848, the school turned independent. Today, the Höchere Bürgerschule Constanz is more known under the name of the Alexander von Humboldt Gymnasium. The second, more visible and rectangular stamp, issues the statement that the book belongs now to the Realschule in Konstanz. “Realschule” was the name of the Gymnasium from 1884-1899.

As a second exemple, ths

This oval stamp belongs to the same Gymnasium mentioned before, as well. From 1899-1925 and from 1945-1948, the Gymnasium was named “Oberralschule”. It can not be said exactly from which period this stamp is coming. However, also this stamp tells us that the book was part of the teacher library. Interestingly, the stamp contains for the first time space for the numerus currens of the book.



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