Institut Français Cameroun, Yaounde (Cameroon)


The Institut Français is the french instition charged by the french state with the promotion of french culture and language in the world, particually – but not limited to – in the countries of the “Francoponie”. (Similar to the Goethe Institut for german language and modern image of Germany, the British Council for the british culture or the Instituto Cervantes for the spanish culture.) The Institut Français has an branch in the capital of Cameroon, Yaoundé, including a library (or media library: Mediatheque) where this stamp is from. In comparison to other, huge stamps of libraries in Cameroon, this one is quite unobtrusive. It uses the name of the institute, of the library, and the adress of the library. The only other design elements are two stars, the red color, and the boundary line of the stamp itself.


Still, as it seems to be fashion in Cameroon (compare other stamps in this blog), the stamp is quite big and looks massive, demanding authority.


Again, as been shown in other posts in this blog, the same stamp is used at the side of the libary books to mark them as property of the library itself.


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