Ohlone College, Fremont-Newark Community College District Learning Resources Center (Fremont and Newark, USA)

Fremont-Newark Community College District01

Ohlone is a Community College, situated in Fremont and Newark in California, USA, established in the 1960s. The library is called “Learning Resources Center”, as such this stamp is not really a “libray stamp”, but a learning resources center stamp. It is quite simple in style, although it used three lines. Most interesting seams the fact, that the actual name of the college is not used for the stamp itself.

Fremont-Newark Community College District02

The stamp uses a light black ink, which makes it easy to overlook on a normal title page. This is in contrast to all the library stamps using red and blue colours, which often sit very prominent on a page.

Fremont-Newark Community College District03

For some reason, the name of the college is used for a second stamp (again, in a very simple font) which is affixed on the side and the bottom of the book.

Fremont-Newark Community College District04

The book used here is a weeded book of the college libary. Interestingly, the stamp used to discard the book uses a much bolder and prominent font, as if the stamps taking the book into the collection should be more gentle and the stamp excluding the book more definite. (Also: Back in the early to mid-1990s, the libary stil used stamps with due dates for its books.)


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