Interstaatliche Hochschule für Technik Buchs NTB (Buchs, Switzerland)

NTB Buchs01

This picture includes two stamps, whereas only the second one below iss the actual library stamp. Both are from the “NTB Buchs”. “NTB” is the acronym of the old name “Neu-Technikum Buchs” (new technical school Buchs) of todays “inter-domestic university of applied sciences for technical science” in Buchs, Switzerland. The institution serves parts of east of Switzerland and the principality of Liechtenstein (hence the “inter-domestic”). Still, it’s a small institution, and member of a network of Universities of Applied Sciences in East-Switzerland. The stamp above is the emblem of an “Anna Wettler Foundation”. The foundation seems to be in connection with the “NTB” itself, but it is not listed in the official Swiss directory of foundations. Most likely, the foundation had founded the acquisition of this (and other) books; but seemed to have ceased to exists.

NTB Buchs02

The stamp of the library is quite interessting, as it uses to be an emblem of the library and, at the same time, a verification of purchase. In the left above corner the emblem of the network of Universities of Apllied Sciences, which the NTB is a part of, can be found (although it is usually used in blue and grey, not in black), followed be the name of the library an parts of its adress. Below – and in another font, which indicates that more than ine stamp was used – is a date (in the german format), July, 26th 2007. This seems to be the date of the purchase or at least the first date of possible usage as libary item. It is quite unusual to include such information in the book itself, but it seems like the first stamp left this place open intentionally. Even below the date, below an extra line, there is a number, half stamped, half written with a pencil. This number could be an inventory number, a signature, a combination of both or something completely different. Taken out of the context of the library, it is opaque. Nevertheless, the most astoning fact of the stamp is the fact that this is a compound stamp. It seems like three different stamps and a little bit of writing were involved in the creation of this stamp.


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