Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire Strasbourg (France)


The Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire Strasbourg is at the same time state library for the alsace region (and the second biggest library in the country) and library of the university of Strasbourg itself. The library is housed in different building – one in late 19 century fashion, representing the (then ruling) german state and its culture, one in the 1970s building of the former Robert Schuman University and several other university buildings – and uses different stamps. This stamp is the one used today. It’s simple, but effective: A circle, constructed by the name of the library, a star as a stop and grounding element. The Name of the city (itself part of the name of the library) in the middle leaves an uneasy impression – it’s the center of the stamp, but at the same time it looks like an after-though. The date stamp (09. February 2016) seems to indicate the date when the book was included into the collection of the library. (It is not a due date-stamp.) It is not clear what purpose it has, except maybe to show that the library (still ?) functions.


The ink used for the stamps seems not to be of the best quality. Many books seem to reject the stamp in parts, particularly the ones with coated paper. At the same time, every book integrated into the collection now has a label like this, still the library uses stamps.


The stamp in itself is a little bigger than most library stamps of similar design. It suggests a little more weight on a “normal” book.



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