Université Louis-Pasteur, Service Commun de Documentation (France)


Until it merged with the second universities in Strasbourg (being Marc Bloch University and Robert Schuhman University) into one University of Strasbourg in 2009, the ULP (Université Louis Pasteur) was the first Univeristy in the city, tracing itself back to the german speaking univeristy of the city, founded in 1538.
This is a library stamp – today books with the stamp can be found in the univeristy library in normal circulation – although it doesn’t say “bibliothèque”, but “Service Commun de Documentation”, combined documentation service, whereby it is not unheard of in France the call a librarian “documentalist” (the school libraries are called “centre de documentation et information”, the people working their “documentaliste”). The stamp itself is a common library stamp, using the name of the library as a texturing element, the abbrevation of the university as middle and a star as a basis.
It it worth noticing, that the style of the library of the “new university” resembles the stlye of this stamp.


It can be seen that, at least as long as there is space, the due date-slip is still in use in this library.


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