Bibliothèques Publiques Annecy (Annecy, France)


Annecy is a small (50.000 inhabitants) village in the far east of France, near Switzerland and Italy; it’s public library is placed in a distinctively 70/80s-french socialdemocratic-urbanisation scheme building, with serveral floors and quite a lot of space, which is used very extensive by the inhabitants. The library stamp, however, points to a very restrained and lucid style.


It’s just the name of the library (Public Library) in a clear circle, highlighting the name of the town. The black ink let the stamp kind of “disappear” on most of the book titles.


The library houses an “Arthotheque” (library for artworks), but under the name “bibliothèque municipale Annecy” (municipale as in govermantal area, which includes more that the city itself). This stamp differs from the other one in that it highlights the name of the commune of Annecy by placing it in the middle and circle the name of the library all around the circle.


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