Universitätsbibliothek Basel (Swizerland)


This (older) stamp by the university library of Basel, Switzerland, uses an traditional style for library stamps, the circle with the name of the library as corona, but with noticeable graphic elements. The center of the stamp is taken by the logo of the city and canton of Basel (as well as the canton of Baselland), an stylized crosier of a bishop. The institutional name (university library) is separated from the name of the city and canton (Basel) by two stars. Those two stars seemed to be picked from a typewriter; something that seems old-fashined today, but not at the time (the book with the stamp was published in 1986). They are faint reminiscents of snowflakes as well.



The black ink leads includes the stamp in most of the publications in such a way that they seem to be part of the title page. The stamp can be overlooked quite simply, contary to the signature, done with lead pencil


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